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Top 1-2%
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Need an ATS Optimised Executive Resume?

Our professional executive resume writing service combines the expertise and talents of our writers with the latest recruitment tools. Once we understand your career history and future ambitions, we will write up a resume/CV that is suited to your needs.

We will ensure that your resume/CV achieves an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) score of at least 92%, including strict structural and keyword requirements for your profession.

Our Executive Resumes Stand Out

Our executive resume designs strike the perfect balance between ATS compliance and visual appeal, ensuring your resume stands out both technically and aesthetically. We craft each resume to navigate applicant tracking systems while maintaining a professional and engaging appearance.

We are a 100% Australian based business
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How Do We Ensure Your Documents Are ATS Optimised?

We use advanced tools to analyse your documents and align them with the position description of the role you are applying for. This means optimising keywords, a resume's structure, achievements, and more.
Deep Analysis
Our team will use advanced tools to analyse your resume and the position description for the role you are applying for.
Test Your Resume Against an ATS
Once we have finished optimising your resume, we will run it through an ATS and continue to make tweaks until we have covered all testing criteria in full.
Achieve a Score of 90 or Higher
The majority of resumes score just under 60/100 when run through an ATS. We ensure your resume will score at least 90, though most of the time we achieve an even higher number.
Monitor Results
Once you start applying for roles, we like to monitor progress of our clients to get a sense of their real-world results.
Keep Detailed Records
Your ATS optimisation profile will be saved in our system in case you need our services again for future roles.
75% of resumes
Are rejected before reaching the hiring manager

We Get Results for Executives

Our executive client base is diverse, requiring a deep understanding of each professional’s unique needs. We regularly assist senior executives aiming to ascend to higher leadership roles, leveraging our proven expertise to help them present their best selves and excel in competitive markets.

We see our client relationships as long-term partnerships. Whether you’re facing an unexpected job loss or seizing a dream opportunity, we are committed to enhancing your chances of achieving your career goals.

Australian Optimised Executive Resumes

In today’s competitive job market, having a CV tailored specifically for executive roles is crucial. Executive CVs require a different level of sophistication and strategic presentation to effectively communicate leadership skills and potential impact.

These CVs must go beyond listing achievements and experiences by weaving a narrative that showcases strategic vision, leadership philosophy, and an ability to drive significant organisational change. Tailored executive CVs highlight key accomplishments that align with the specific leadership qualities sought in senior roles, making them essential for standing out in a pool of highly qualified candidates.

Furthermore, a bespoke executive CV directly addresses industry and job-specific requirements, using industry-relevant jargon and frameworks that appeal to top-level recruiters. The structure, tone, and details are meticulously crafted to mirror the executive’s brand and career trajectory, clearly illustrating their potential for high-level strategic contributions. This personalised approach not only boosts the CV’s readability and appeal but also enhances its chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring your application receives the attention it deserves.

Package Options for You

Executive Resume/CV

1x Professional Executive Resume/CV

Executive Resume/CV + Cover Letter

1x Professional Executive Resume/CV
1x Custom Tailored Executive Cover Letter

Executive Resume/CV + Cover Letter + Professional LinkedIn Profile

1x Professional Executive Resume/CV
1x Custom Tailored Executive Cover Letter
1x Professional Executive LinkedIn Profile

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Reach out to us directly to customise a package best suited for your needs.

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Certainly feel like I am in capable and professional hands with Tom. He is a professional I intend to be in touch with throughout my career.
Rachel Reed

I’m very happy with the output made for my field and Tom’s professionalism in getting it done on time. Many thanks to Tom again!
Jeffrey H

I highly recommend, Tom. The quality of work he produces is both articulate and professional. There is high attention to detail, quick response time and the level of communication is open and clear. If you’re after stand out, professional service, work with, Tom.
Yvon French

Tom was very patient and the output was great. I’m glad I used the service to get a professionally tailored cv, cover letter and resume. He was able to answer all my queries and the communication was smooth.
Karnika Bansal

Tom is very efficient and friendly. He completed a comprehensive overhaul of my resume and LinkedIn profile with great feedback for future applications. Quick turn around and fast communication. I would highly recommend the job doctor for your resume and LinkedIn work!
Dana Thompson

Tom was exceptional from beginning to end. I hadn’t needed a resume for a while and had no idea what was expected, Tom was diligent and communicated throughout the process. I highly recommend him.
Cynthia Alessi

Tom performed the task as promised and clearly added in extra value, which I see is commensurate with his professional and attentive manner. I can see myself recommending Tom to my network. Anthony Alembakis.
Anthony Alembakis

I've used Tom twice now, he is extremely professional and delivered within a quick time frame. I would highly recommend Tom for Linkendin updates and resume/ cover letters tailored to a specific role.
Joanne Hombsch